Paua Series: Dear Yantie... Love always, Yantie. 


Dear Yantie, I know you are left broken but you will be alright. Even though he made you feel horrible and worthless, just know that you were strong enough to take the courage so that you will no longer be victimised. It is never okay to be treated so badly and no one ever has the right to do so. And I know that letting go was difficult because you clung to the good memories and the amazing feelings he gave you at first. But you need to remember how sad you felt when he showed you his true colours. No one has ever treated you so badly and I promise that no one will ever do so again. You never deserved it and you deserve so much better. No matter what anyone tells you, you are truth and you are mature and you are love and you are beauty and you are kindness but most of all, you are worthy. Worthy of happiness and respect. It may take time to heal but do not slow the process by chasing validation or things or people that will hurt you. Instead, get lost in the beauty that you see everywhere and find yourself again. 

Love always,