Paua Series: 14/11/2015

I have been reluctant to write a breakup post for the Paua Series because it has always been hard for me. But I found this short letter I wrote to myself. "Dear Self,

You take breakups pretty tough. You feel. But you feel everything. You think. And you think of all the amazing times and what could have been. But that's life. What had happened I mean. It was part of it. Just a part. So it is not the ending for you or your happiness. People will always come and go and if they are meant to stay, they will stay. It will be fine. Sure you have cried your little heart out for the past couple of months but it will get better. This is because life is always changing. And maybe you should change to be a better person or by taking better care of yourself. Learn to be happy on your own. Let go. Because you need to in order to be happy again. Remember you are a beautiful person. You will find someone or they will find you and you will love again. Because you just will."