Being Aligned With Your True Self

Don't treat people as bad as they are. Treat people as good as you are. People may have done you wrong but it doesn't mean you should too. I have to admit that sometimes I myself, do react to it rather than respond but now because I am aligned with who I am, I know better and so I do better. 

Read about what to do if someone has done you wrong from my previous post: 'Forgiveness For a Peace of Mind'

Nonetheless, this blog post will be talking about being aligned with your true self. 

For months I was in a state of anger and hurt so I did some petty things that I am ashamed and shocked of doing. I wasn't my true self. I felt empty and unworthy. I missed Yantie and my friends missed her too. But alhamdulillah she is back and possibly even better than before. 

When I talk about being aligned with your true self, I mean being grounded and aligned with your values, your morals, your goals or purpose in life.

Your Values and Morals:

See who your friends are or who you surround yourself with. Do they serve you any good or do they pressure or influence you into doing things that make you feel uncomfortable or things you know don't fit with your values or morals? Read more about finding true friends who serve you here

Values are principles of behaviour or what you hold important to your life. Morals are standards of behaviour which helps you decide from right or wrong.

Studying psychology, sociology and philosophy, I understand that different people from different cultures have different values and morals, where something could be acceptable in one culture but unacceptable in another. However, in my opinion, we should always stay true to our own culture as it is a part of who we are and this blog post is about being your true to yourself. Sometimes people from different countries come to a new country where they experience culture shock and they could even proceed to assimilation, which is when you disregard your own culture to fit in the new one. It is such a shame because no matter how hard you try to fit in with the majority, you will always still be classed in the minority. It is even more of a shame when people try to be 'westernised' in their own country. Rather than completely disregarding your own culture, one should try to adapt good things of the new culture and be proud an example of what their culture is about. Embrace who you really are, don't be something you are not. This is also true to your religion or faith that you believe in. You can choose to be religious or not but at least remind yourself of the basic values or ordains that it has. Although I have lived in New Zealand for most of my life, whenever I can, I would try to fit my own Malaysian or Indonesian or Islamic culture.

Nonetheless, I realised that I wasn't as religious as I used to be before, which left me feeling empty so I reminded myself of the things that I used to do to please God. By doing so and being persistent, each day I felt more and more happier and fulfilled. God was calling to me the whole time and when I finally turned to Him again, everything just made sense as I was aligned to who I wanted to be and my purpose in life. 

With values and morals I also talk about character. I had mentioned that I was in a place of anger and hurt, so as you can imagine, I was the worst version of myself instead of being the greatest. Then one day I finally realised that I needed a peace of mind. So I forgave those that have done me wrong. I stopped telling myself the same old story as you can't re-create yourself or write your new chapter if you keep rereading the past. And I chose to let love guide me. 

By letting love guide me, it made me full of compassion. I then started to love myself again and by accepting and focusing on myself, where it made me crave inner attention and it motivated me to become my greatest version. I changed who I was and did everything to become the woman that I respect. And now everyday, I am always in the process of becoming the best that I can be. 

Your Goals and Purpose in Life: 

I have to admit that I have a lot of goals that I would love to accomplish. We can talk all about what we want to do in our lives but what matters most is actually doing things to achieve them. So that's what I'm currently busy doing. I wrote my goals down and planned on how I will go about them; I also remind myself everyday of these goals for motivation. However, don't be so hard on yourself; good things do take time, just believe that you will make it. If you need help then ask for it! Ask for guidance from God, your family or friends or anyone you think that can be of help; you will be surprised to see that people wants to see you succeed. One small thing that you can do is to say to yourself that you are success, that you are abundance and that you are blessed. Shortly enough, success, abundance and blessings will be coming your way. 

I think having a purpose in your life is important. I know that one of my purpose in life is to please God. By having this purpose and now being grounded in it, it guides me to do only good. With this purpose, I want to spread love and kindness, to help people and to also gain knowledge. I think another purpose I have is to live a passionate life. Now because I love myself and because I am aligned to who I am, I am pursuing things that I am passionate about such as starting a human rights group, blogging/writing and just making a positive difference in people's lives. Now alhamdulillah, I am no longer empty and I have never felt so fulfilled in my life before. 

Final Thoughts:

Only do things you know is right in context of your culture or faith that you believe in. Embrace who you really are, don't try so hard to be someone you are not. Always take action to be the best version of yourself. Love yourself fully and whole heartedly. You are always worthy. Live out your purpose with passion and to the best of your ability. 

(P.S: My next blog post will elaborate on how to be aligned with your true self). 

‎الَّذِينَ يُنفِقُونَ فِي السَّرَّاءِ وَالضَّرَّاءِ وَالْكَاظِمِينَ الْغَيْظَ وَالْعَافِينَ عَنِ النَّاسِ ۗ وَاللَّهُ يُحِبُّ الْمُحْسِنِينَ

Those who give in times of both ease and hardship, those who control their rage and pardon other people – Allah loves the good-doers.
— Quran (3: 134)



Nurul Shamsul