Travel: Street Art Hunting in Ipoh and Penang

I have previously said that going back to Malaysia was the worst of times and the best of times. And that is the reason why I haven't really written anything about my trip. Because I just don't really know what to think of it. Don't get me wrong, I am so grateful that I was able to have gone back to my home country and visited many places as well see the rest of my family. We traveled, most of Malaysia, Singapore and Jakarta (Indonesia). However, for my blog, from the five week holiday, I will share with you guys my experiences from

We traveled, most of Malaysia, Singapore and Jakarta (Indonesia). However, for my blog, from the five week holiday, I will share with you guys my experiences from Jakarta (which I already have talked about), Ipoh and Penang as well as Melaka.

One of the first places we visited was Ipoh and Penang. Ipoh was where my dad was from and where my grandfather resided. It was really nice catching up with my aunties and cousins as well as my grandparents. I was lucky enough to have heard a couple of stories about my family including the one about my grandfather being known as 'mat lawa' which means 'the good looking one' and after seeing a photo of him younger, I can see why he was called that.

Later that night we went to the 'Lost World of Tambun' which was a hot springs and spa at night. Although Malaysia is a really hot and humid place, going to the hot springs at night was quite nice and relaxing. I didn't manage to dip in all of the hotsprings that they had offered but the ones that I did manage to go into were the infinity pool, foot spa, top of the world pool, the steam cave, the geyser of Tambun, crystal pool and Saphira's lair.

The next day we roamed around Ipoh. Out all the places I traveled in Malaysia, Ipoh had the best place to take 'insta worthy' pictures. The old town vibe, street art and just the aesthetic, really made Ipoh an interesting place to wander for a couple of hours. On the same day, we made our way to Penang.

I lOVED PENANG. The food, the vibe, the activities we did, the street art and old heritage made it a really exciting visit. Penang is famous for their food and if you don't know already, I am such a foodie. I try everything and anything halal that I can because life is just too short, so whenever you can, always try something new, you just never know if you will like it. Something new that I tried was nasi kandar (which Penang is famous for) where we asked locals which place was the best to eat. Apparently, DEEN MAJU restaurant was the best one and we ended up waiting for an hour to place our order as there were just so many people waiting in the queue.

The second day we were at Penang, my brothers and I took a ferry to Pulau Payar for snorkeling. I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF SNORKELING. Seeing all of the colourful fish and baby sharks was such an awesome experience. During the day, our driver, Boss, who took us to the ferry, also took us to the best places to snorkel where he also made these grasshoppers out of this flax-like plant. He never told us his real name, but I really appreciated having Boss show us around the island as he really made the day for us.


On the third and last day at Penang we went street art hunting. During this visit, it was also the first time that I really gotten to know Mia. If any of you guys have seen my Snapchat or Instagram stories, you will have seen Mia popping up. I absolutely ADORE that girl and now she is like the little sister I never had and I'm so happy to have her. Anyways, we went street art hunting on one of those bicycles that could fit four people. It was so much fun. We were just cycling around Penang, using a map to find all of the street arts and just chilling and laughing with my brothers and Mia. Looking back, it makes me appreciate spending time with my brothers and getting along with them. Sometimes we fight or have problems with our siblings but we need to remember, that they are family and we should be there for one another, no matter what.

Nonetheless, Ipoh and Penang are definitely places that I will visit again as there is so much more that I wanted to experience but unfortunately didn't have the time to do. Aside from that, I am super grateful as I did had a really great time seeing family and snorkeling especially.

Nurul Shamsul