Fashion Philosophy: 11/09/2017

This moment is all there is.
— Rumi


Time is a very important concept to me. I’ve been so busy for these past couple of months and now, these days I feel like every minute counts. When I’m not doing something, it feels weird, it's like I need to do something all the time. And to be honest that made me concerned. It was like I didn’t know how to relax anymore. I was always on the move. It was only just recently when I told myself that I needed to slow down. Sometimes we just need to convince ourselves that even if you do slow down, everything will still be okay. And again, good things do take time.

A good outcome from this is that now because I respect my time, I respect myself even more. I’m only allowing myself to think and say and do good, to only spend time with people that lift me up, to focus on my priorities and commitments and the things I love doing and to help whenever I can. I only have time for purpose and genuine people. I don’t have time for lies, gossip, pettiness, toxic people and things that no longer serve me.

At the start of the year I admit that I wasn’t the best that I could have been. I wasted my time on things and people who brought out the worst in me. I hated every minute of it because I knew that it wasn’t who I was. And I’m so glad that I realised my worth and what was worth my time.

They say that time is money. You can always make more money but you can never get back your time. So spend it wisely. They also say that time heals. Time does heal but you need to take care of yourself to heal those wounds. Do the things you know that will benefit you and stay away or don’t even come close to people or things that will leave you broken. 

Clutch/Wristlet: Prada

Pants: Mirrou

Hijab: Tudung People

Top: Dotti

Nurul Shamsul