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It was exactly eight months ago that I went to see Daniel Caesar’s concert. It’s weird because the concert was on Friday the 16th of March. I haven’t listened to Daniel Caesar for a while but for some reason, after listening to Daniel Caesar the whole day I only realised that it was Friday the 16th of October. And the day before, someone had asked me if Miss Universe was life changing. But it was after this concert that I had my most life changing moment.

In life, you will meet people where you have a unique connection with. These people are special and are rare to find. They help you with your growth. They challenge the way you think. They show you a world or a side of you that you never knew even existed. And it’s like you have met them in another life because the connection feels so natural.

I was with that special someone where we talked about synchronicity before and after the concert. Synchronicity is when things happen at perfect timing or are meaningful coincidences. For me, synchronicity is a divine intervention where things happen for a reason. And what had happened after the concert couldn’t be anymore synchronised. There were a lot of weird and intense things that had took place. It took me a while for me to understand the way things had unfolded but I came to accept that they needed to happen.

Everything was just so synchronised that it came to the point where I knew that I had to stop what I was doing. At that point, I told myself: ‘if I really love myself then I should use all of my energy on myself.’ All of those years working on myself and trying to love myself came to a test and a full circle. That was when everything started to change and from that moment- eight months ago to now, one amazing thing always led to another. And ever since then, my life has constantly been manifesting itself.

Somehow my whole life became so much more easier- everything that I wanted or prayed for, I received or received something better, Alhamdulillah. It was amazing to see how my whole life had manifested. And it was even more amazing to see how my whole life was so synchronised. It’s almost unexplainable because I am always left in awe.

Every encounter I had, every opportunity and every experience all had meaning. There were so many times when my life had come to a full circle. Things that had happened in the past finally made sense in the present moment. This was when I really realised that God has plans for me. And now I feel so much closer to God than ever before, Alhamdulillah.  

 I am so much more aware and ‘awakened’. I feel so content and so at ease with life. And I know that my life is in alignment because I can literally feel it. I see all of these signs and I listen more to my intuition. I’m always seeking guidance from the Divine and I am always renewing my intentions.

In the most humble and self-empowering way possible, I had used my energy on myself and now I am finally at my most authentic self and I am my greatest version.


Blessed by Daniel Caesar.

Nurul Shamsul