Be Kind, If Anything.

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A couple of days ago I said something really horrible and mean to someone that I have never met before. And to this day I am shocked to what I have said and I still can't believe that it came from me. Never in my life have I said or did anything mean to anyone and I still do not know what had gotten into me at that point. But at that time I was in a state where I had never been so angry and so upset and so confused in my life before. However, that still did not give me a reason or right to be mean to someone who had nothing to do with the state I was in. Nonetheless, I was definitely not thinking straight and so I said things without even thinking twice or even thinking at all. Even though that person had responded by saying mean things to me as well, I was aware of what I had done and admitted that I had no right to say what I had said and so I continued to formally apologise to the person. Rather than retaliating back, I just forgave that person in my heart without them asking for forgiveness and I was still sincere with my apology without trying to convince that person that I am actually a good person. This is because everyone will make their own judgements to whether you are a good person or not. Therefore, you need to be the example of the person you want to be known or seen as through your words and your actions. However, be genuine with whatever you say or do to everyone and not just to certain people. Because being good to everyone makes you a genuinely good person.

And as a person, you are human where humans are imperfect and it's something I think that we need to be reminded of. We can try to look perfect with our looks or perfect with our character or what we do or life in general, but in reality and in all honesty, no one could truly ever reach the point of perfection. Because we as humans make mistakes or had things happen to us and everyone has a different idea to what beauty is. And because of this idea of perfection, we need to be kind to each other. We need to be kind because everyone is trying in some way and we don't know what they have been through or who they really are as a person.

And because we are human we are quick to make judgements. But our judgements may not necessarily be the truth. Therefore, it is okay to make judgements in your mind but don't say anything unless you had thought twice to see if your judgement could hurt someone or you know for sure what you are thinking is true. If not, find out if it is correct and don't say anything at all if you think it is mean.

Lastly, in a society where there is a lot of racism and bigotry we need to be kind to everyone for the sake of humanity. There is no need to go around shaming or labelling people or gossip about others, make rude judgements or make people feel less. There is no need to hurt people, emotionally or physically. Instead, we should try to make people feel good about themselves and lift them up. Be kind to people and be kind to yourself. Always try to do what is right, or try to make things right. Treat people how you would want to be treated by speaking nicely, by being gracious in your actions, by being genuine and by being respectful.

Just be kind, if anything.

“Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God's kindness: kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile.” -Mother Teresa

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