Self-Love: I Am and Being Grateful

For the past forty days, I wrote some things in the pursuit of self-love. Last year I wrote a blog post about it and this year I am still on my journey towards it. A lot of things have happened. Things that made me take a couple steps backs or even fall back down to where I started. But I realised that I need to keep going because at the end of the day if I don't take care of myself or love myself, then who ever will? So I started by re-reading the advice that Shahirah gave me and the elaboration that I wrote in Paua Series: Treat yo self... lovingly. And then I watched the video shared below. However rather than writing down 40 positive I ams each day, I write 25 (which fills a whole page of my journal); I also write down one thing that I am grateful for in the same journal each day. After I have written down the I ams, I would then say them aloud while looking at the mirror. Although it literally takes me less than ten minutes a day to do, it was a really easy way to boost my self-worth and slowly I would learn to love myself because of it. So I have planned to keep doing this ritual for very long time, if not for the rest of my life.

Self-love is so important. It makes you stronger and it motivates you to keep living the life you want to live because you know that you deserve it. No matter what, you are still phenomenal but you need to treat yourself phenomenally first in order for others to do so as well.


Also, Shahirah just recently blogged about self-love: 'Faith Friday: Divine Love or Self Love?'.