Fashion Philosophy: 12/7/2017

What are you are grateful for today? Research proves that grateful people tend to be more happier and I can definitely vouch for this. Ever since I started writing in my gratitude journal I have had a better and positive outlook where I started to notice that I was receiving more blessings into my life as well. Sometimes we just need to stop and think of one thing to be grateful about to pick yourself up. It's a small act but it has the potential to make big a difference. And it doesnt hurt to be grateful, it may even make you smile. You could also make other people smile by saying thank you to the people you appreciate having in your life. It may be random but they will be grateful to hear that too. 

In saying this I am grateful for @littlnco (@nadiah.m and @muryum_l ) for being amazing and fun to work with. I am also grateful for @nadiaanajiib for being a genuine best friend/soulmate and for doing my makeup and thank you to @dyahamzah for the lovely hijab that you have kindly given to me. And I am especially grateful for my mother who is always there for me and making me the woman I am today. ️️️️

Hijab: Naelofar

Dress: Forever New

Clutch: Charles and Keith

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