I had the most perfect trip to Krabi, Thailand. Although we had only stayed there for four days, we managed to do a lot of activities. 

There were so many things for me to be grateful for. The cool, yet sunny weather (Krabi was experiencing its 'winter'), the hotel that we stayed at, the food we ate, the people we met and the people that I went to Krabi with. 

To be honest, before the flight I was anxious because the weather forecast had said that it would be raining the whole time we were going to be there. When that happens, the best you can do is pray and trust me, never underestimate God's mercy. It did rain once, but that was after we came back from a tour and we were swimming at the hotel. However, the pool at the hotel was super long with an infinity pool on a rooftop and so the rain made it look magical. 

The hotel we stayed was at The Pelican Krabi. The Pelican was a four-star hotel and it exceeded all of my expectations. The location, Kluang Muang beach was perfect as it had less tourist and the sunsets were beautiful; the amenities were great, the pool was so long, and the service was exceptional (shoutout to Bukhari for being so friendly and helpful). Our deluxe suite was so big with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, lounge and balcony. I would like to thank The Pelican Krabi for their great hospitality and our trip to Krabi wouldn't be as amazing if it weren't for them. 

On our first day we had our first tour with Krabi Shuttle. It was a jungle and Tiger Cave tour where we also swam at natural hot pools and the Emerald pool which are found in the jungle. The tour started at 10am and we they sent us to our hotel by 5pm. After flying on a plane, swimming at the pools was relaxing and it was interesting to see the Tiger Cave. At the tiger cave you are also able to climb up to the top of the mountain where you can see amazing views of Krabi as well as a massive golden Buddha. Although I wanted to reach the top, I was also accompanying my grandma and I was wearing a dress where the stairs were super steep. I hope that one day if I ever do get the chance to visit Krabi again, I will conquer the 1,200 steps but in saying that, we managed to get to 300 steps LOL. 

All smiles with my floppy hat because we had Hong Island to ourselves. 

All smiles with my floppy hat because we had Hong Island to ourselves. 

It was through our hotel that we booked our unforgettable tour to Hong Island for the next day. We booked it at 7pm and we left at 10am the next morning, so don't worry about having to book everything before you arrive, in fact, I think that it is better to book while you are there but if you need to, be sure to look at the reviews on TripAdvisor before booking anything to make sure that it is legit. My tip is to go with a local tour guide (once you are there) as you can decide what you want to do and when you want to do it. By going with a local guide we were able to have Hong Island to ourselves at one point as everyone left at the same time. Nonetheless, at Hong Island, we swam at different lagoons, we went snorkelling as well as kayaking around the island. Although there are many tours for different islands at Krabi, we chose Hong Island as it is less touristy and it was close to The Pelican Krabi compared to the other islands. As you can tell, I like it when there is less people around because the experience is so much better. 

When you have a food coma but the views are amazing. 

When you have a food coma but the views are amazing. 

On the third day we went to Aonang Beach. We had a personal tuk-tuk driver for the whole day and it was actually so much fun as we could go anywhere without having to worry and he took us to a food market. The food at the market was sooooo amazing and soooo cheap becuase it was real Thai food. With our food from the market we had a picnic on the beach and at the last minute we took a boat ride to Railay beach. And I'm so glad that we did. Although we didn't go swimming, it was nice to walk around and explore around the area. However, rather than staying at the popular Aonang or Railay beach, I highly recommend to stay at Kluang Muang, which is where we stayed at. 


The fourth day we did a Krabi river tour. We had the best seafood that day on a floating fishermen village where they caught the fish in front of us and cooked it to however we would like from the menu. It was absolutely amazing. During that tour we also went to a limestone cave and we fed mango monkeys. After the tour we had our last massage before our flight and we almost missed our flight. However, when you are in Thailand treat yourself to a massage everyday like we had as it is super cheap and worth it; massage parlours normally close late at night so it's good after a long day. 


Nonetheless, I've been wanting to go to Krabi for years and I'm so glad that I was able to do so with my grnadma, auntie and friend Amy. Krabi was absolutely pure bliss and I can't wait to explore the rest of Thailand in the near future. 

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