Bad Days and Resilience

Seeing how happy I was, someone once told me that there will be bad days. Yes, of course I know that there will be bad days but I also know that I can make my own choices and I can respond to circumstances rather than react.

 These couple of days and even weeks has actually been taking it’s toll on me from lack of sleep and ‘bad’ things that have happened but even through the good and bad I still remind myself to say alhamdulillah. You see, this moment shall pass. And with its passing you learn and you grow or it is actually protecting you from something even worse. With it also comes resilience which is something that I strongly believe everyone needs. When you have resilience it’s easier to choose happiness.

 No matter what happens and no matter how hard it is, do everything that you can to choose happiness every single day. It’s as easy as taking five seconds to think about what you are grateful for. And I strongly believe that the more grateful you are, the happier you will be. Also, share your happiness with authentic people that lifts you up.

Come sit with me! Let us drink the holy wine of happiness.
— Rumi

(P.S: Rumi was a Muslim poet and when he talks about wine he is talking about spiritual enlightenment.)

 A couple of days ago I asked people on Instagram what they do on bad days, most people responded saying that they liked to eat, sleep, exercise, turn to God, talk to someone they trust, listen to music and even cry. To be honest, I do exactly all those things because they all do help but I also like to take long drives and to journal write.

 At the end of the day, we can find joy or sanity in the most simplest things. Happiness shouldn’t be complicated. Sometimes bad days are just to show you that it’s time to slow down. It’s time to take a rest. So when you do find yourself having a bad day, the most important thing is to be kind to yourself. Life does what life do. There will be so many obstacles or setbacks along the way but they come in moments. And again, our life is made up of so many other moments. Your life is so much greater than one ‘bad ‘thing.

 It’s easy to call ourselves victims or to claim you have a ‘bad’ life when something bad happens. But I can guarantee you that life will be so much better and easier if you change your story. It’s not about what happened and it’s less on why it happened. It’s more about how you choose to respond to it or feel about it. Again, we all have our choices and we can definitely choose to have resilience and to be happy. Because the thing is, people aren’t naturally resilient and they aren’t given happiness. They are both learned experiences. And we wouldn’t learn them if we didn’t have our bad days or moments.  

Nurul Shamsul